Top 1000 2024-05-20

Top 1000 2024-05-20

Top 1000 2024-05-20


As we delve into the current state of the cryptocurrency market on this May 20th, 2024, it's evident that the industry leaders are holding strong with Bitcoin at the helm. It continues its reign with an impressive market cap of $1318.29 billion, dwarfing its closest competitor Ethereum, which trails with a market capitalization of $369.30 billion. The stability of Tether USDt and USDC at exactly $1.00 continues to be a cornerstone for market transactions, providing a predictable platform for traders. Meanwhile, high trading volumes in Bitcoin and Ethereum demonstrate their dominant market presence, but Solana also captures attention with a significant trading volume, hinting at growing interest from the trading community due to recent network improvements.

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Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-20


In today's deep dive into the Solana Ecosystem, it's evident that the landscape is brimming with both opportunities and innovations. Major players like Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK) are cementing their positions as foundational components with their technological strides and market cap growths. On the flip side, emerging tokens like Solchat (CHAT) are capturing attention with skyrocketing metrics, such as a 5189.40% growth over the last 90 days, highlighting the dynamic nature of market trends within this ecosystem. As we explore these phenomena, it's crucial to understand the diverse functionalities and innovations each token brings to the table, from Solana’s role in DeFi and NFTs to Chainlink’s contributions to enhancing smart contract functionalities through secure and reliable data feeds.

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Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-20


The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem continues to captivate and engage investors and developers alike. As of the latest data from 2024-05-20, we see Ethereum maintaining its robust market position with a formidable market cap, indicative of its critical role in the realm of decentralized applications and digital contracts. Emerging from within this ecosystem, tokens like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dai (DAI) underscore the diverse functionalities and appeal, ranging from meme-driven community interest to pivotal financial stability through stablecoins. Furthermore, newer entities such as Wrapped Beacon ETH (WBETH) introduce nuances in trading behavior and liquidity, presenting a more intricate picture of digital asset interaction and performance within this blockchain network. As we dissect these trends and their implications, it becomes clear how deeply interwoven they are with the broader technological advancements and community dynamics shaping the future of finance.

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Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-20


In today's detailed review of the Binance Ecosystem, we observe fascinating trends and dynamics within the cryptocurrency market. The utility of stablecoins, particularly Tether USDt (USDT) and USDC, remains robust as they continue anchoring the market with substantial capitalizations and consistent peg values. Moreover, BNB showcases its utility and strength within the Binance Exchange, boasting a high market valuation paired with significant trading volume. Meanwhile, DeFi tokens like Maker (MKR) captivate investors' interest with strong valuations indicative of the growing traction of DeFi platforms. Notably, Cream Finance (CREAM) has experienced a sharp increase, hinting at potential platform enhancements or community-driven developments. As the market evolves, altcoins such as Polkadot (DOT) and MultiversX (EGLD) continue to influence the broader blockchain ecosystem through their innovative technologies and contributions to interoperability and scalability. Today's landscape in the Binance Ecosystem underscores the ever-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency markets, colored by innovation, market sentiment, and emerging technological breakthroughs.

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Top 1000 2024-05-19


The cryptocurrency market, as of May 19, 2024, showcases an intricate tapestry of highs and lows, with Bitcoin steadfastly leading the pack in terms of market capitalization and trading volume. Market insights reveal that Ethereum continues to hold its position as a strong second, reflecting robust utility and trust. Notably, Tether USDt persists as a dominant force in trade facilitation, demonstrating high trading volumes that underscore its critical role in market liquidity. Emerging tokens such as SLG.GAMES have captured the spotlight with remarkable gains, possibly hinting at burgeoning interest in specific sectors like blockchain-based gaming. The landscape is vibrant and teeming with activity, evidencing both the enduring appeal of established coins and the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of newer cryptocurrencies. As the market continues to unfold, seasoned investors and curious newcomers alike witness the unfolding potential of a diverse array of digital assets.

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Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-19


In our latest analysis of the burgeoning Solana ecosystem, we've seen a diverse range of activity that underlines both its maturity and innovation in the cryptocurrency marketplace. As of May 18, 2024, the spotlight remains robustly affixed on key players like Solana, which not only plays a pivotal role by facilitating large transaction volumes but also underscores the extensive development and trust placed in this platform by its community. Another key facet in this ecosystem is Tether USDt, whose stability at a $1.00 peg is indispensable for ensuring liquidity. Furthermore, apps leveraging Chainlink's oracles show significant promise in bridging on-chain and off-chain ecosystems, paving the way for more complex functionalities and broadening the scope of possibilities within Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Additionally, the remarkable surge in transaction and token value of newer but potent entities like Render offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future applications of blockchain in industries such as digital content creation. The diverse movements in both rising and falling cryptographic assets underscore the high-octane nature of investments and opportunities prevalent in this innovative digital environment.

Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-192024-05-19T11:43:53+10:00

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-19


As the Ethereum ecosystem continues to captivate the cryptocurrency market with its dynamic offerings and strategic innovations, the spotlight often shines brightest on Ethereum (ETH), which not only commands a substantial market cap but also demonstrates high liquidity and trading interest. Amid this bustling digital economy, an array of Ethereum-based altcoins creates an equally intriguing narrative. For instance, Shiba Inu (SHIB) manages to maintain a formidable presence with a dedicated community and respectable market capitalization, while Dai (DAI) underscores its importance within decentralized finance (DeFi) by ensuring stability and consistent utility. Moreover, the growth of synthetic assets like Renzo Restaked ETH (EZETH) and Wrapped Beacon ETH (WBETH) signals a burgeoning interest in innovative financial products that could redefine staking and investment strategies in the digital age. This diversity not only enriches the Ethereum platform but also enhances its role as a centerpiece in the advancing landscape of blockchain technologies.

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-192024-05-19T11:43:52+10:00

Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-19


In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Binance ecosystem, the recent data underscores some intriguing trends and shifts. Stablecoins such as Tether USDt (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and Dai (DAI) continue to exemplify stability with their steady peg around $1.00, showcasing their critical role in maintaining liquidity within the markets. Meanwhile, BNB's substantial trading price echoes Binance's thriving environment, enhancing its attractiveness and utility. On another note, the performance of Dogecoin (DOGE) indicates a lively speculative interest, likely spurred by viral social media trends. In the technology assets domain, Polkadot (DOT) and MultiversX (EGLD) demonstrate moderate but consistent activities, reflecting ongoing investor engagement with innovative blockchain solutions. This across-the-board activity provides valuable insights, from stablecoin dominance to spiking interest in both community-favorite coins and advanced blockchain technologies, painting a comprehensive picture of the diverse and dynamic Binance ecosystem.

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Top 1000 Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have plenty to consider as of May 18, 2024, with no shortage of excitement in price fluctuations and market adjustments. Bitcoin continues to dominate the market with a stellar valuation, closely followed by Ethereum, demonstrating the continued investor confidence in these established digital assets. Notably, stablecoins like Tether USDt and USDC play vital roles, providing stability and liquidity which aid in maintaining robust trading environments. Additionally, emerging tokens such as BNB and Solana are carving out significant niches for themselves, powered by their innovative platforms and growing communities. The overall vibe in the crypto markets is one of intense dynamism, with technological advancements and strategic developments perpetually shaping the landscape, making it an enthralling period for both new entrants and seasoned investors in the digital currency space.

Top 1000 Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)2024-05-18T11:04:25+10:00

Solana Ecosystem Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


In today's review of the Solana ecosystem, we're seeing some intriguing movements that underline the speculative yet innovative nature of this dynamic market. For instance, catwifhat (CWIF) has notably skyrocketed with an unprecedented 8407.70% increase over the past 90 days, signaling possibly major developments or enhanced community engagement that have resonated well within the market. Contrastingly, neversol (NEVER) and Gaimin (GMRX) have seen significant downturns, which reminds us of the ever-present volatility in the crypto world. Meanwhile, Tether USDt continues to dominate in terms of market cap and volume, cementing its position as a fundamental asset for liquidity. As we delve deeper into these fluctuations and their underlying causes, it becomes clear that the Solana ecosystem is not just surviving but thriving with potential, driven by both its leading and emerging cryptocurrencies.

Solana Ecosystem Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)2024-05-18T11:04:23+10:00

Ethereum Ecosystem Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


Welcome to our latest blog post on the vibrant Ethereum Ecosystem as it stands on May 18, 2024. Today, we delve deep into the twists and turns of the cryptocurrency market, highlighting some fascinating movements and trends. At the forefront, Ethereum (ETH) proudly leads with an imposing market capitalization of $371.45 billion, reflecting its continued robustness in price and utility, with various platform upgrades enhancing its appeal. In the stablecoin arena, Dai (DAI) and First Digital USD (FDUSD) uphold their $1 peg, demonstrating significant liquidity and drawing traders especially during market upheavals. Spotlighting the smaller players, Shiba Inu (SHIB) captures attention with a hefty trading volume, influenced by its energetic community and market speculations. Additionally, the remarkable ascent of ERC20 (ERC20) tokens and SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) highlights the speculative fervor and potential technological advancements energizing investor interest. On the flip side, coins such as Pandora (PANDORA) face downturns, reflecting the complex and ever-changing narratives within the crypto ecosystem. This overview not only underscores the dynamic nature of the market but also illustrates the ongoing evolution and investor enthusiasm in various blockchain technologies.

Ethereum Ecosystem Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)2024-05-18T11:04:22+10:00

Binance Ecosystem Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


In today's analysis of the Binance Ecosystem as of May 18, 2024, we observe interesting dynamics and standout performances among cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins are as solid as ever; both Tether USDt and USDC hold their ground, maintaining a stable $1.00 valuation. Amid these, BNB shines with its impressive market valuation of $580.50, reflecting its critical role within the Binance platform. Significant trading volumes for these coins underline their utility and trust in the crypto trading community. Most notably, ERC20 tokens have witnessed a remarkable surge, climbing by 93.70% in a single day, suggesting potential developments or increasing adoption within their ecosystem. On the flip side, inSure DeFi sees a decline, hinting at market adjustments or shifts in investor sentiment towards DeFi insurance offerings. Each of these movements offers crucial insights, affirming the importance of keeping abreast of market trends in this ever-evolving digital currency landscape.

Binance Ecosystem Sat May 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)2024-05-18T11:04:20+10:00

Top 1000 2024-05-16


In today's rapidly fluctuating cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin (BTC) maintains its supremacy, hovering impressively around the $65,980.40 mark, with a colossal market capitalization suggesting a robust dominion in the trading world. Following close behind, Ethereum (ETH) holds its position as the second titan of the market, priced at an impressive $3013.80. Meanwhile, the stability of Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) provides a stark contrast in a sea of volatility, reinforcing their role as stabilizing anchors with their pegged value close to $1.00. However, the scene stealers of the day are the drastic tales of triumph and despair; while ERC20 token astounds with a meteoric daily rise of 174.70%, GameStop’s crypto extension experiences a plummet almost halving its value. These dramatic shifts not only illustrate the highly speculative nature of digital currencies but also signal a beacon for shrewd investors looking to navigate these turbulent digital waters. As we dive deeper into these contrasting narratives, it's clear that the allure and risks of crypto investing are as compelling as ever.

Top 1000 2024-05-162024-05-16T12:35:07+10:00

Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-16


In today's blog, we delve into the ever-evolving world of the Solana ecosystem, where dynamic shifts and massive surges in token values paint a vivid picture of the crypto market's vibrant fluctuations. As of May 16, 2024, Tether USDt steadfastly holds its $1.00 mark, boasting a formidable market cap of $110.98 billion and leading the trading volume charts with a staggering $73.41 billion. Amidst this, Solana itself presents a strong front with a market cap of $72.16 billion, a notable trading volume, and a current price of $160.80. The stage also features intriguing movements from assets like Chainlink and Render, each charting their own paths in the bustling market. The dramatic daily movements catch the eye, particularly the stunning 28.40% rise of the Green Satoshi Token and the stark 50.40% plunge of GameStop, which, despite this fall, reports an extraordinary week-long rally of 1863.70%. This snapshot of the Solana ecosystem not only highlights its high liquidity and trading activities but also underlines the erratic yet exciting nature of cryptocurrency investments.

Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-162024-05-16T12:35:05+10:00

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-16


In today's rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market, Ethereum continues to assert its dominance, showcasing a robust price point of $3,013.90 amid a market capitalization of $362.02 billion. Notably, Ethereum's market vitality is complemented by an intriguing mix of assets within its ecosystem, such as Shiba Inu and the innovative Renzo Restaked ETH, reflecting diverse investor interests and confidence. The stablecoins, such as Dai and First Digital USD, provide a reassuring consistency, ideal for those seeking to mitigate volatility. Moreover, the significant surges seen in ERC20 tokens highlight the high-reward potential inherent in crypto investments, though the stark decline in assets like Aevo and Pandora provides a sobering reminder of the risks involved. As the landscape of Ethereum-based financial products expands with entities like Wrapped Beacon ETH, the ecosystem not only promises substantial wealth opportunities but also poses challenges that underscore the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency markets.

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-162024-05-16T12:35:04+10:00

Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-16


In the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrency, today's market data presents a fascinating tableau of vibrancy and volatility that keeps investors and enthusiasts on their toes. Notably, the stablecoin giants Tether (USDT) and USDC continue to assert their dominance with formidable market caps, reinforcing their roles as pivotal anchors in the fluctuating crypto sea. Meanwhile, BNB's robust valuation underscores its integral place in the Binance ecosystem's economic machinery. Beyond the stalwarts, coins like Dogecoin and Polkadot reveal a broader acceptance, suggesting a diversifying market beyond just the heavyweight cryptos. The dramatic day-on-day surge in ERC20 signals intense speculative activity or event-driven trading, highlighting the market's reactive nature. On the flip side, the significant downturns for tokens like Bounce Token and Meter Governance over the last 90 days serve as a stark reminder of the inherent risks and swift corrections characteristic of the crypto markets. This snapshot, rich with extraordinary gains and notable declines, encapsulates the dynamic and speculative essence of today’s cryptocurrency environment, providing both opportunities and challenges that captivate the imaginations of participants across the globe.

Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-162024-05-16T12:35:02+10:00

Top 1000 2024-05-15


In today's recap of the cryptocurrency market as of May 15, 2024, Bitcoin remains the stalwart leader, showcasing its robust market cap and steady price, yet the real drama unfolds in the varied performances of other cryptos like GameStop and ERC20. With Bitcoin valiantly holding a price of $61,921.70 and Ethereum at $2,895.70, stablecoins like USDT and USDC hold their ground at $1.00. However, the spectrum of volatility is broad, as evidenced by GameStop's astronomical weekly surge of 3533.10% and ERC20's dramatic monthly comeback. Such stark contrasts in performance not only illustrate the exhilarating nature of crypto investments but also highlight the significant risks and rewards faced by traders. The market's dynamic changes, from daily transactions to 90-day trends, continue to captivate and challenge investors, revealing a sector that is as unpredictable as it is enticing.

Top 1000 2024-05-152024-05-15T13:53:07+10:00

Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-15


In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, today's market data from the Solana Ecosystem offers a captivating snapshot of triumphs and challenges. At the helm, Tether USDt (USDT) holds its ground with a solid value and impressive market cap, underscoring its pivotal role. On the other hand, Solana (SOL) impressively asserts its dominance with a robust market cap and a promising trading volume, reflecting the growing investor confidence in its utility and future prospects. Meanwhile, emerging tokens like dogwifhat (WIF) and Arweave (AR) show vigorous trading activity, signaling vibrant market participation. Notably, GameStop (GME) steals the spotlight with its staggering surge, illustrating the potential for dramatic shifts in asset valuations within this digital universe. However, the downside is captured by tokens such as MANEKI and Gaimin, which suffered sharp declines, reminding us of the intrinsic volatility and the speculative nature inherent in the crypto markets. This blend of highs and lows paints a vivid picture of the crypto ecosystem's dynamic and fluctuating landscape, offering both opportunities and cautionary tales.

Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-152024-05-15T13:53:06+10:00

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-15


In today's look at the ever-evolving Ethereum ecosystem, we see a complex tapestry of both mature and emerging cryptocurrencies making significant movements in the market. Ethereum itself continues to assert its dominance with a sturdy price of $2897.30 and an impressive market cap of $348.01 billion. Amidst this, we also observe intriguing activities around niche tokens like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and stablecoins such as Dai, which maintain their utility and investor interest. Notably, the breakthrough of tokens like Render (RNDR) and Renzo Restaked ETH (EZETH) demonstrates the market's appetite for innovative and potentially rewarding assets. Meanwhile, the staggering volatility in tokens such as ERC20 and MAGA VP (MVP) depicts the high-risk, high-reward nature of crypto investments. This fluctuating landscape not only highlights significant investment opportunities but also underscores the need for cautious strategy and thorough market analysis, particularly for those engaging with cutting-edge tokens and Ethereum-based applications like Arbitrum and Ondo, which continue to contribute to the ecosystem's diversity and technological advancement.

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-152024-05-15T13:53:05+10:00

Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-15


In today's exploration of the Binance ecosystem's market dynamics, Tether USDt (USDT) stands out with a staggering market capitalization of approximately $110.79 billion, affirming its stronghold at a steady $1.00 peg. Hot on its heels in the market cap charts is USD Coin (USDC), sitting comfortably at $32.88 billion. However, the dramatic scenes unfold in the trading volume arena where Tether USDt dominates with a colossal $55.75 billion exchanged over the past 24 hours, far overshadowing USDC’s $5.51 billion. Notably, amidst the heavyweights, Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB) holds the title for the highest-priced token within the top ten by market cap, clocking in at an impressive $61,798.40. The volatility narrative continues with tokens like DeRace (DERC) and ERC20 marking substantial rises and falls across different time frames, highlighting the turbulent yet fascinating nature of the crypto trading landscape. Moving beyond mere numbers, these figures paint a vivid picture of strategic plays, emergent opportunities, and potential cautionary tales within the vibrant Binance ecosystem as of May 2024.

Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-152024-05-15T13:53:04+10:00





Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-11


Today's cryptocurrency market reveals a colorful tapestry of asset performances, hinting at the multifaceted nature of this buzzing ecosystem. Stablecoin Tether (USDT) holds its ground, reinforced by a robust trading volume that underscores its pivotal role in market transactions. Meanwhile, high-fliers like Solana (SOL) capture attention with impressive valuations, illustrating the market’s appetite for promising technology-first platforms. On the flip side, small caps such as dogwifhat (WIF) and Bonk (BONK) are buzzing with activity, demonstrating that investor curiosity extends beyond the traditional giants to encompass niche cryptocurrencies with unique value propositions. Emergent tokens like catwifhat (CWIF) dazzle with stellar short-term gains, enticing speculators and investors alike. This diversity not only enriches the market's dynamism but also highlights the varying degrees of volatility and risk, offering myriad opportunities and challenges to all market participants.

Solana Ecosystem 2024-05-112024-05-11T14:18:34+10:00

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-11


In today's multifaceted cryptocurrency landscape, Ethereum continues to assert its dominance with a robust market cap of $350.01 billion, corroborated by a substantial daily trading volume of $12.01 billion. Notably, Shiba Inu, despite its relatively lower unit price, maintains a significant market cap and active trading volume, highlighting its ongoing appeal. Meanwhile, stablecoins such as Dai, First Digital USD, and Mantle underscore their critical role in the ecosystem, offering traders a bulwark against the notorious volatility of cryptocurrencies; this is particularly evident in First Digital USD's impressive trading volume of $5.84 billion today. In parallel, Render and Wrapped Beacon ETH reflect fascinating dynamics—Render with its substantial market presence and a whopping 30.90% weekly gain, and WBETH with its high token value, offering a unique proposition compared to Ethereum itself. These elements together sketch a vibrant market tableau, where both dramatic gains like those seen in SPECTRE AI and steep declines in assets like Pandora dramatize the high-stakes nature of cryptocurrency investments, revealing a landscape ripe with opportunities for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike.

Ethereum Ecosystem 2024-05-112024-05-11T14:18:34+10:00

Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-11


In today's ever-volatile cryptocurrency market, the interplay of stability and sudden fluctuations paints an intriguing picture. While stablecoins like Tether USDt and USDC maintain their peg at $1.00, providing a semblance of calm, other cryptocurrencies such as BNB and Bitcoin BEP2 showcase robust valuations, emphasizing the diverse nature of the digital economy. Notably, Binance Coin’s substantial market cap of $86.08 billion coupled with significant daily trading volumes reflects a vibrant ecosystem conducive to both investors and daily traders. On the spectrum's other end, tokens like Venus BNB and Dogecoin reveal the market's sentiment and the ongoing support from their communities, evident from their weekly gains and trading volumes. Meanwhile, and MOBOX's daily gains juxtapose against the sharp declines seen in tokens like Harmony and Ontology, underscoring the inherent risks and opportunities within the crypto sphere. This dynamic market scenario encourages both caution and strategic foresight for anyone looking to navigate the crypto waters, where the waves of change are as promising as they are challenging.

Binance Ecosystem 2024-05-112024-05-11T14:18:35+10:00







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Memes - 2024-05-05Top Market CapsRankNameSymbolMarket CapPrice24h Volume24h %8DogecoinDOGE22.9B0.22.8B6.511Shiba InuSHIB14.5B0.00002706.0M0.528PepePEPE3.6B0.0000081.1B2.932dogwifhatWIF3.4B3.4556.2M7.153FLOKIFLOKI1.8B0.0002362.1M2.5Today's WinnersRankNameSymbolMarket ...




Memes - 2024-05-02Daily AnalysisThe meme cryptocurrency category has showcased a ...




DeFi - 2024-05-02Daily AnalysisThe DeFi sector displayed a mixed performance ...




Top Market CapsRankNameSymbolMarketCapPriceVolume24h24h %24UniswapUNI4.2B7159.1M-8.232StellarXLM3.1B0.191.4M-4.455THORChainRUNE1.6B4.7254.4M-6.464JupiterJUP1.2B0.9148.5M-7.483dYdX (Native)DYDX913.2M29.5M-6.4Today's WinnersRankNameSymbolMarketCapPriceVolume24h24h %N/AhybrixHY00087N/AHyperBurnHYPR0006.51834FalconswapFSW597.8K0.0201.6281VVS FinanceVVS188.1M0.0000042.0M1.2N/AWandXWAND0000Today's LosersRankNameSymbolMarketCapPriceVolume24h24h %2455LuaSwapLUA0.0000015e-158.5K-87.4N/ABounce ...




GamingTop Market CapsNameSymbolValueRankImmutableIMX2948535795.437FLOKIFLOKI1585136552.459BeamBEAM133957247362GalaGALA1333736968.763MultiversXEGLD1059101411.476Most Traded CryptocurrenciesNameSymbolValueRankGalaGALA135085985.863FLOKIFLOKI129158370.659SagaSAGA78652998.5192The SandboxSAND73841806.881DecentralandMANA54242678.497Best Performers Over 24 HoursNameSymbolValueRankZentryZENT11.3613AavegotchiGHST7.8438NFT ...




BNB Chain EcosystemTop Market CapsNameSymbolValueRankTether USDtUSDT110549779329.93BNBBNB87205538867.94USDCUSDC33479353849.76DogecoinDOGE202870065838PolkadotDOT9381949627.114Most Traded CryptocurrenciesNameSymbolValueRankTether USDtUSDT49714879860.43USDCUSDC6281315330.46DogecoinDOGE1022233680.18BNBBNB856233602.34DaiDAI694530097.922Best Performers ...




Memes Ecosystem - Apr 28, 202424h Price ChangeWinners1204. ERC20 (ERC20): ...




Oh, dear reader, behold the mystical dance ⁢of‌ the cryptocurrency ...


Ellipsis (EPX) – 2024-04-28


Date:2024-04-28 Rank:971 Name:Ellipsis Symbol:EPX Price:$0.00 Market Cap:$14467773.347618511 24h Volume:$2151887.36195694 24h ...

Ellipsis (EPX) – 2024-04-282024-04-28T10:53:28+10:00

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) – 2024-04-28


Date:2024-04-28 Rank:884 Name:DeepBrain Chain Symbol:DBC Price:$0.00 Market Cap:$18826155.438161135 24h Volume:$266597.50732416 ...

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) – 2024-04-282024-04-28T10:53:26+10:00

Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) – 2024-04-28


Date:2024-04-28 Rank:952 Name:Dejitaru Tsuka Symbol:TSUKA Price:$0.02 Market Cap:$15357376.420016328 24h Volume:$1422688.17298453 ...

Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) – 2024-04-282024-04-28T10:53:24+10:00

ICHI (ICHI) – 2024-04-28


Date:2024-04-28 Rank:860 Name:ICHI Symbol:ICHI Price:$2.43 Market Cap:$20378238.444585852 24h Volume:$207197.62783747 24h ...

ICHI (ICHI) – 2024-04-282024-04-28T10:53:22+10:00